Building safer, more connected and resilient families and communities

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Giving a helping hand to those who need it

STAR Project (Scottish Charity SC028133) is an award winning community organisation, delivering sustainable and positive social outcomes in Renfrewshire. Established in 1999, employing a person centred approach, we deliver creative group and individual supports consistent with local and national Strategy to build safer, more connected and resilient families and communities.

Our unique wraparound way of working allows us to see the person, not a label, not a statistic, which ultimately makes people feel safe and accepted and ready to take a step towards realising their potential. No other service in Renfrewshire, that we are aware of, supports community members in such a comprehensive and effective way.

Rocco Award
Renfrewshire Council
Lottery Fund

We supported 1025 unique individuals in 2019


634 people engaged with 54 groups/workshops


662 engaged with 38 events/external wider activities


685 people engaged through 1:1's, counselling, befriending and 184 Drop-In sessions


Our Volunteers have given us 3,612 hours of their time

Invisible Threads

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties”

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Happy Birthday to us!

20 Years of STAR! 1999 -2019

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Postcode Local Trust Boost!

STAR Project receives £12,000 boost from Postcode Local Trust

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We Are The Walrus 2018

Our Grand Fountain Film project

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We Back The Bid for Paisley 2021

STAR Project supports the bid and is a key partner

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Stigma Campaign Project

STAR Project partnership with Renfrewshire Council to deliver their Stigma Campaign.

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We Are The Walrus!

A creative partnership between STAR Project and Renfrewshire Council celebrating the restoration of Paisleys Grand Fountain through film.

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STAR Project Glenburn is launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of STAR Project Glenburn!

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